The Eureka Picobello 151 Push Sweeper

  • The world's first & only manual push sweeper invented to have its own dust control!
  • Uses no batteries or electric motors but sweeps more than 10 times faster than a conventional broom!
  • Do not settle for cheap imitations,the original & the best, millions sold worldwide with full satisfaction guarantee and warranty.
  • Unlimited running time, easy to use, completely silent and 100% ecological.
  • Hand built in Italy, using the highest grade materials including a steal chassis.
  • Very, very low running costs. Forget ongoing service costs.
  • Very long service life - designed to last for years not months.
  • Can be used on hard & soft services, both indoors and out.

Is the Eureka Picobello 151 right for me ?

This walk behind manual push sweeper works well in a varied range of situations which include:

  • Domestic and residential sweeping of yards, driveways, courtyards,ideal for picking up dust, leaves and general household rubbish.
  • Building / construction sites picking up cement & gypsum dust.
  • Transport companies sucking up tyre dust that contaminates inbound and outbound freight.
  • Mining warehouses picking up iron ore as well as coal dust.
  • Warehouses picking up fine dust, paper and leaves.
  • Petrol Stations picking up paper, dust, leaves and general household rubbish.
Sweeping path with side brush 700mm 700mm
Sweeping path only main brush 500mm 500mm
Cleaning capacity 2.100 m2/h 2.100 m2/h
Capacity of main dirt container 26 Lt. 26 Lt.
Capacity of rear dirt container 4 Lt. 4 Lt.
Patented vacuuming/filtering system - YES
Filter type - washable cartridge
Weight 24,5 Kg 25,5 Kg
Size 1.296 x 824 x 937 h 1.296 x 824 x 937 h

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